Friday, April 29, 2011

Nosotras Corremos - My first 5k!

A few weeks ago, I gave my students an assignment:  create a goal and make a reasonable plan to achieve it.  At the time, I created my own goal poster to use as an example, complete with a time line, a list of steps, and some possible obstacles I would have to overcome.  My goal?  To finish a 5k in 30 minutes or less.  Little did I know that later that week, posters would be up all over the city for Nosotras Corremos, a Nike-sponsored 5k.  I threw my doubts to the wind and signed up, even if it was a few months ahead of my time line.  Now the time has come, and in 18 hours 40 minutes and roughly 5 seconds I'm going to be joining 1000 other Guayaquileñas to run from one boardwalk to another via downtown Guayaquil.

I feel excited:  excited to be running my first 5k, excited that Ecuador has a positive and highly-publicized all-girl event, excited to get a lot of cool running swag, excited to run on streets that are normally occupied with four lanes of traffic, and, unexpectedly, excited to feel like I'm joining a larger part of the Guayaquil and Ecuadorian community, which is something I didn't realize I was missing.  Que chevere!

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