Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good Bye, Ecuador! Two Weeks of Things I'll Miss: Day 2 - Being "The Miss"

"Meess!"  I hear from across the room.  "Xavier is molesting me!"  It's times like these when I realize the importance of being an ESL teacher.  "Then tell Xavier to stop bothering you," I correct.  In honor of my students, the things they have taught me, the way they have made me laugh, and even the way they have driven me up the wall:  a few moments of mistranslations. 
  • "Miss, I need a SHEET! ...of paper!"  (trying to say "shit")
  • "I want world piss."  (peace)  
  • "My vactions fucked."  (sucked)  
  • "Do you have a buff?"  (BFF)
  • "Can I eat chips today, pleeeeeassee?  I'm so angry."  (hungry)
  • "What does swayga mean?"  (swagger, or swaggah a la M.I.A.)
  • "Miss, feel my squares."  (a six-pack, cuadras in Spanish) 
  • "It's a poopy!!"  (puppy)
  • "I need to have a sangria!" (indenting your paragraph in Spanish)

A few of my students during World Culture Week.  Please note the ninth grade Hitler.*

*The student meant no offense by this costume.  They are encouraged to include famous historical figures in their presentations.  Maybe Einstein would have been a better choice though.

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