Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fooks yeah!!

When you're learning a foreign language, you have these moments that I'd call "serendipitous vocab lessons."  These lessons are really more like a sequence of events that result in a feeling of achievement and a bigger vocabulary even when you've done absolutely nothing - huzzah! 

I had one of these incidents last week while shopping with a friend.  My new vocab word first appeared when my friend was asking if a dress came in other colors.  The response?  "Solo Fucsia."  The next week while shopping with the same friend for party gear, we get a list of silly string colors:  "Blanca, Naranja, Fucsia, y Azul."  Okay, sure, it's pretty similar to the word in English, but the pronunciation?  It's kinda like saying "fooks-ya," the way I try to say, "F*ck yeah!" without actually saying it.  In other words, it's fun to use.  A lot of fun.  Unfortunately, there's not a lot of opportunities to use it...except for here on my blog, soooo...fucsia! 

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