Friday, February 18, 2011

Rules of the Road: Ecaudor-style

To say that Guayaco drivers are crazy would be an understatement.  They make up their own rules, communicate with honking and angry looks, and endanger themselves and others on a daily basis.  And now I feel like one of them.

Sitting at red lights back in the U.S., I feel ready to honk as a little "Come on, just run it!  It's going to turn green in 3 seconds!  Come on!"  In fact, I am prepared to honk at pretty much the slightest provocation.  I wish I could say that was the worst of my driving, but it doesn't stop there.  When I check my purse for my car keys, I also find myself making sure I have a twenty to bribe the police, just out of habit.  On the highway I even find myself thinking, "It's just 15 over, and I've got that twenty in case something goes wrong."  Of course, I would never even dream of bribing cops here.  None of these things are things I would normally do.  In fact, I've never even driven in Guayaquil.  I'm too scared to try.  But, being here, I realize that I've obviously picked up a few things, and honestly?  It scares me.  If you see me on the road, watch out.  My Guayaquileño-side might have control of the wheel.

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